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As the world succumbs to a zombie apocalypse, Cole, a hardened mercenary, is chasing the one person who can provide a cure. In his way aren't only the flesh-eating, super-athletic cannibals as humanity's greatest danger, but people themselves!
The plot: After a new, experimental drug causes people to turn into acrobatic zombies, a brooding bruiser searches for the one person who can provide a cure.<br/><br/>Devil&#39;s Playground is a derivative and generic zombie movie, but I still enjoyed it. It&#39;s basically a ridiculous excuse to show lots of gore SFX and stunt work, the dialogue and acting are often cheesy, and it&#39;s undeniably a ripoff of modern &quot;fast zombie&quot; movies (especially 28 Days Later), but if you&#39;re in the mood for a B movie, this will satisfy you. If you&#39;re expecting it to be original (or even fast-paced), you&#39;re sure to be disappointed. It seems assembled from scenes of other zombie movies, but the scenes are competently directed, even if the dialogue and acting are occasionally a bit cheesy. It doesn&#39;t really have anything insightful or original to say, but it does manage to throw in lots of impressive stunts. If you&#39;re looking for a movie about flesh-eating acrobats, I think you&#39;d have a difficult time finding a better one than this.<br/><br/>It&#39;s difficult to recommend this movie, but undemanding genre fans may enjoy it, despite the flaws. It&#39;s worth a view if you don&#39;t need anything better than a moody atmosphere, some B movie actors, and a simple plot. It&#39;s no classic, but it&#39;s a cut above the typical direct-to-video zombie movies that I&#39;ve been watching lately.
&quot;Devil&#39;s Playground&quot; is basically a complete rip-off of Danny Boyle&#39;s 2002 horror masterpiece &quot;28 Days Later&quot;. Same basic concept; fast-moving infected (not actually zombies as such)on the loose in modern day London and a group of individuals trying to escape the horror, fighting amongst themselves on the way. The one thing it doesn&#39;t borrow from it&#39;s source material is any level of intelligence. The characters are melodramatic clich├ęs and way too good-looking and well-groomed to be in any way realistic; even though it&#39;s a low-budget British film it unfortunately follows the crap Hollywood template of shallow, unbelievable, glamorous leads stuck in an increasingly over-the-top set of action-based scenarios. Still, if you just want to watch something empty-headed and fun then it&#39;s not all bad. The stunt sequences are well done and the movie is nicely shot, with some fantastic views of London on display. Don&#39;t take it too seriously and you&#39;ll have a good time.

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