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Fear Effect follows the adventure of three mercenaries:Hana,(an ex-prostitute) Glas, (the tough American) and Deke (the sadistic Aussie). Taking place in the future, the mercenaries search for 18 year-old Wi-Ming Lam, daughter of the president of a large organization in Hong Kong. When she runs away Wi-Ming is captured and held for ransom by a group called the Triad. After her father puts out a bounty for his daughter, the three mercenaries arrive in Hong Kong hoping to get some easy cash. Unfortunately, it all goes wrong and a sinister plot involving demons, ghost, and a sacrifice will take Hana and her friends from Hong Kong to a bordello to Hell itself in a story filled with Chinese mythology and filled with irony and deception.
This game is really worth purchasing.<br/><br/>The graphics are very remarkable and unique! Used with a twist of anime-style, cartoonish/realistic computer animated surroundings. The characters&#39; movements and facial expressions during cutscenes are so well put together, that it&#39;s believable! Speaking of cutscenes, did I mention that there&#39;s just piles and piles of them? That&#39;s what I love. The CG animated cutscenes fit so well and occur so quickly and often during gameplay. It&#39;s almost too good! The developers made sure they used advanced high technology to assure that the gameplayers would be satisfied with the computer graphics and animation. I am very impressed with the developing of this game.<br/><br/>The plot is amazingly eccentric, and it has challenging puzzles to solve, along with difficult, but exciting battles.<br/><br/>Using multiple characters; Hana, Glas, and Deke, you will wander throughout an awesome futuristic version of Hong Kong. As these three mercenaries plot to kidnap the daughter of the most powerful Triad leader in the city, they come across some strange and frightening revelations of what really lies behind the truth, that the girl is holding secretly.<br/><br/>The game includes content fit for mature audiences only: -Adult Language (Which I adore) -Nudity (Which men adore) -Explicit animated blood, gore and violence (Which &#39;sickos&#39; adore) -Suggestive themes (Which video game nerds like me adore!)<br/><br/>There&#39;s only one thing that I can think of that might be detested. Probably the game controls. When I first played the game, I was disappointed with the controls because they were irritatingly difficult to get used to, and made the game even more complicated than it should be. If you are patient, and take your time with practice, it shouldn&#39;t be much of a problem after a while. But if you&#39;re impatient, and don&#39;t want to learn your own way, dying constantly could lead as a result. It does take practice, but after you get the hang of it, you&#39;ll be much happier with it.<br/><br/>So, as a conclusion, I say that this game is quite challenging, but it&#39;s definitely worth playing for anyone who likes the contents above. ^<br/><br/>At least give it a try, if you haven&#39;t before. You&#39;re least likely to regret it. :)
Whoa! What can I say that doesn&#39;t delve into the murky world of cliche?<br/><br/>Imagine what happened if Manga made a combination of Resident Evil, Broken Sword and Metal Gear Solid and that is more of less what Fear Effect is all about.<br/><br/>The game starts just like MGS in so many ways, including the ability to &#39;stealth&#39; enemies, with RPG (where Broken Sword comes from) undertones, but as soon as you leave Disk One, it takes a turn for the dark and sinister, Resident Evil style.<br/><br/>The use of weaponry is very Hong Kong movie style (where influences clearly come from-the game starts in a Bladerunneresque Hong Kong), such as using 2 pistols at once, although the further you go, the more useless they become.<br/><br/>And events of the final disk has to be one of the most atmospheric experiences ever put onto the PlayStation, outstripping anything Raccoon City can muster, especially acting wise.<br/><br/>A must buy, albeit with a &#39;Mature&#39; audience in mind.

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